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Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's An Adjustment

I am looking forward to today... actually the better part of two days really where Kim has the majority of the weekend off.  It is already nice not to have to rush around on a Saturday to try and get stuff finished....and try to fit stuff in.                                        

With Kim's hours and potential new job (she is on a 90 day probationary period to get hired from the temp service) has really impacted my daily life and that could have been detrimental to my sobriety if I was not careful. She works 4 10 hour days 3p to 1:30a Monday through Thursday but lately they work 6 - 10 hour days (mandatory) 3p to 1:30a. 
I worked off shifts for a long time and esoecially when in Production Management. It can be terribly lonely and isolating so I want to prevent K from feeling that way so I've adjusted my schedule to match hers.

It means that my sleep is even MORE messed up but it is totally worth it for now anyway.

I need to get out for a walk before it rains so I imagine I may pick this up later.

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