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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The New Me

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The strange thing about these two American Holidays that fall on Mondays at the beginning and end of Summer (Memorial/Labor Day) is that they screw up my internal calendar for a week afterward...minimum. So tonight, I haven't a clue whether it is Monday or Sunday...the fact that it is actually Tuesday never occurred to me as a possibility...and not sure why.   

The last two days have been somewhat of a challenge for me because I have made a rather drastic change in my eating habits...I've quit eating sweets, cold turkey. No ice cream, cookies, cake, pastry,  brownies, pie, candy, etc. That may not sound like a big deal to some folks but for me at this moment in my's huge. This house is absolutely full of my Mother's home made treats...many of which are listed above.

I addition to nibbling on those things for a snack I have to make the difficult admission that I have absolutely become uncontrollably addicted to ice cream sundaes...often eating them in place of a proper meal. It sounds like I'm kidding and being coy here but honestly, I was headed down a very dangerous road with my diet.

Those of you who have read Shell-Shock for awhile know that I have some pretty serious health issues, one of which is related to my stomach and digestive system. I had major stomach surgery last year at this time that solved much of the pain and many of the issues but brought with it some side effects that are quite unpleasant in their own right. 

I basically struggled to eat solid food. Bread, meat, vegetables all caused major difficulty with my digestion. I basically have been on a cereal, fruit and ice cream diet for a year.

Even though I am quite active physically, especially considering the limitations placed on me by the physical disabilities to my back, hips, knees ankles and feet, I have gained 40 pounds in the past year, the majority of it in the stomach area. I had to do something because it was not going to improve on it's own. I am embarrassed to admit that some days I was consuming well over a gallon of Ice Cream with peanuts/chocolate Sauce A DAY. Often, it seemed as if it was the only thing I could actually eat without getting sick. but I was lying to myself and that is the way addiction works...

It would almost be funny if I didn't feel so lousy right now but I am actually going through ICE CREAM WITHDRAW! I feel shaky, terribly hungry and weak from lack of food even though I am getting plenty to eat. My inability to sleep was complicating this matter because I essentially was up 24/7 and wandering around the house I found myself eating at around the clock.

So the day before yesterday I just stopped eating sweets...period. And it is a major struggle for me right now but I essentially look at it as a major health issue...which it is.

So one day at a time I am trying to make a major change before I get health issues and illness that I cannot stop. Today is  as good a day as any to continue the healthy eating and exercise we did.      


  1. Good for you Daddy! People don't take food addiction as a serious thing but it certainly is. I'm glad to see you taking care of your self, in all areas! It'll be tough but nothing as difficult as the other addictions. I've struggled with this myself. I'm proud of you Daddy but then again, I'm always proud of you! <3

    1. Thank you Chels...I appreciate that very much. I'm looking forward to this weekend at Ian's wedding!