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Friday, September 21, 2012


Blogging is something I knew virtually nothing about until I actually started writing my own, this very blog: Shell Shock Serenade. I really hadn't even read many blogs before then and even now I don't read many mainly because very few of them appeal to me.

That is the interesting thing about blogs...they can be about anything. People write them for a multitude of reasons and there are probably just a few genres that appeal to me....Blogs similar to mine: journal/ auto-biographical/self-help...History and Sports and that is about it. There are a couple that just show art and/or photos and I'm enthralled by those as well.

I like blogs that are real and sincere...the more open and honest a person is the better. I like straight forward work and no game playing. Some folks are into that and hey, that's cool...just not cool to me.

Blogs that I have started to find less attractive, sometimes even offensive now are those that promote or sell something and there has been a huge increase in that type of post mainly for commercial reasons...especially when they are misleading.

One form of blog I struggle with a bit is those that tell a story, usually auto-biographical which I typically enjoy because I can relate to them. The problem is they stop mid-way through the story because the author has an article or book coming out so they want to string you along and leave you that you will read the rest in the book. To me that is really kind of deceiving and a waste of my really comes across as less then sincere sometimes and is too cute and coy. 

I'd rather read things in real time that are useful now. I feel like I've been "had" every time I read  one of those posts. I guess what bugs me the most is I think it's unnecessary when the work of these individuals is really good...and in these specific cases I'm thinking of they are exceptionally good.

The struggle is there are several of those blogs I read because I really like the authors and frankly, they are on the threshold of going commercial so I understand that they find it necessary to promote their work in this way and really, they do it as well as you can. I just wish they didn't feel compelled to promote themselves in this way but those are just my feelings and I'll support them until the cows come homeaaaarcrr...I am still a fan.

The blogs I usually read and their authors are all top-notch, really the best...I mean they are so talented that relying on marketing techniques to sell a book sometimes detracts from what they are all about and I wish they didn't feel compelled to go there. It trivializes what in other words is an awesome story. It cheapens the whole bit for me anyway, especially when many people are looking to the work for answers.

This is just my opinion and I'm sure many will disagree with it, which is cool by me. That is the beauty of the blog's a Free For All and you can really do what you want to do as long as you are satisfied with the results.

The blogs I found totally useless are those that pretend to be true and are not. They are created wholly to mislead and usually have something to sell. They violate my #1 rule about what blogs I will read...they must be Real and and by that I mean HONEST.
I have just found it frustrating to get into a really interesting post only to discover it's a tease...I don't care for  teasers....posers and fakers, give me real people and real time writing any day.

Anyhow...there is a wealth of good writing out there so the fact is there is always something for everyone...even little 'ole me!

Photo: Kathy Tomson

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