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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Physical Graffitti

Jeez I hate talking about how I feel physically here on Shell-Shock. I think it always comes off sounding like I'm whining. But the truth is right now my back, knees, right hip and feet are the worst that I can remember them in well over a decade. I am in incredible pain and discomfort and it is getting discouraging. I don't want to so much as a move at all.

I fall asleep for 30 minutes and it take 2 hours for my joints to loosen back up again and to be able to walk again normally. I hate the idea of using a cane but it beats a walker...or wheel chair.

Funny though, even though I really hurt and don't see much that is optimistic in my future about my back I never think of drinking or using drugs which is basically a miracle if you ask me.

Oh well I'll just keep plugging away....

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