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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This is another one of those interesting "Crossroad" periods in my life. Several significant things are taking place, that can and most certainly will affect the choices and decisions I make in the future.

My son Ian gets married on Saturday to his long time girl friend Ellie.I find it nearly impossible to believe that come Saturday BOTH of my children, my pride & joy will both be married and "officially" off to make their on way in the world. Actually they both have been out of the house and independent from me for many years now.

The second significant happening is that Kim's job situation looks quite good. She has been told that she will be hired in Full time as soon as the Temp Service's 90 day time commitment expires.

We will certainly be faced with some different options as far as how K and I want to proceed with our life together. It is amazing that we now are in a position where we have some pretty positive options & opportunities. This is quite a contrast to this past January when it didn't even look like we would would be able to find her a place to stay, not to mention a home several houses away from mine here on the island and a good job as well.

K-Sue has been an absolute rock these last few months and a picture of pure perseverance and determination...I am very, very proud of her. Most people would shudder in horror if they new the true story of where Kim came from and the incredible abuse and adversity she endured on a daily basis for YEARS. She never knew love until she was in her late 30' just did not exist in that home. Nope...just jealousy, anger, resentment and belittlement.

She was told she was stupid, every single day of her life from her very first's so sad, so terribly wrong and just plain SICK.

The funny thing is she is a clever and intelligent woman who bought into the lies because these were the people she trusted and they supposedly loved and cared for her. No, they only wanted to control her, use her and destroy her individuality. I find it incredibly hard to find forgiveness for those idiots that did this to her. are our worst enemies and in her case this is the absolute TRUTH.

Anyway...this is the first time in a long while where I have had a sense of hope and possibility when it came to our future together. I thank GOD for her and this matter how tough and difficult it has been at times.

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