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Thursday, November 25, 2010

To Our Service Men and Woman....

25 November, 2010 Thanksgiving day...I'm sitting here this cold, wet Thanksgiving morning at my grandfathers desk, thinking how grateful I am to the men and woman who are serving in our military today, many of them far from their homes, families and any kind of holiday cheer. Some are out there on patrol this morning in the Korengal or other valley's in Afghanistan, literally putting it all on the line, so we can be home, so our country can be free. Here I am warm and comfortable at home this morning while many of them....are certainly NOT.

I know that it has become somewhat expected these days for folks to say they appreciate our service men and woman, it's become routine for politicians, TV personalities, etc. But I really mean it, our country owes them so much....

So to all our Veterans and Active Service personal: Happy Thanksgiving 2010!

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  1. Thank you. Anyone who *knows* you know that you really do mean it, and not just on days like Thanksgiving and Rememberance Day, but every day.

    Happy (American) Thanksgiving!