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Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Window To My Soul.....

Periodically I have posted song lyrics, poems or other written work on this site, mainly because it means something to me and I want to share it. Though I am trying through this blog to share pieces of myself through my own written work, at times I think it's appropriate to let these other influences share their own bits and pieces of who I am.

So what am I saying here? That I am going to more regularly post this kind of thing, beginning today. I will add that it is with some hesitation that I do this at all because I really believe I am opening an additional window into my soul as it were for all who read this to see. Perhaps there is no risk in that since not many folks are reading this blog at this time, lol. But that is beside the point, I feel it's worth doing so off we go......

Today we begin with a very influential artist to me beginning in the early 1990's that continues to this day: Tori Amos

Candid gallery page 5

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  1. I believe in the power of music, and the wonderful thing is that it means something slightly different to each of us, when heard through the filter of our own experiences.

    So you may not be opening another window to your own soul, as much as giving us an invitation to open a window into our own.