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Monday, November 22, 2010

Olin's Desk

It's a oak desk. I haven't a clue how old it is though I'm sure it's 80, possibly pushing 100 years old. It's a bit worn, somewhat battered but it's held up well over time. But I'm not that motivated to know it's age really. The desk is not fancy, a pretty straight forward design...solid, heavy with drawers on both sides but one of it's nicest features is the large workspace, the desk top itself. It's massive and quite an upgrade over the 4 wood TV dinner tables had I configured into a workspace before I brought the desk down last night.

As nice as it is to have such a nice place to work I still haven't gotten to the best part about this oak desk. It belonged to my grandfather, Olin W Davis. Now the mystery of my middle name is finally out...Olin.! (I'm often asked what the "O" stands for in Thomas O Davis).

That is the coolest part of all of this, I'm working at Paw Paw's desk, after all these years. I'm funny about stuff like this. I feel the connection quite deeply and it's particularly important because Olin passed away when I was only 7 so my physical time with him on the planet was short. But I certainly remember him! But more often in my memories of him, he was in a fishing boat, not at a desk!

But this desk does indeed connect me, back through all those years to my grandfather...perhaps it's just sentiment or the personal significance as I have always appreciated family history. But I think it's I sit here I just feel....better. Knowing that he sat here, in this same spot behind this desk just brings me closer to him and to that time so long ago. And I like that.

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