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Friday, November 12, 2010

8 November, 2010 2:30am

I found out the way I learn a lot of my information these days...Face Book. A F.O.B (Friend Of Bill) had posted that Jim had been in an accident and lost his life. He worked 3rd shift, it was their lunch break at 2:30a and he was walking down the road by the shop when a Semi ran him over. At least that's the story as I understand it. It's a cliche' yet it's a damn shame and still so sad and I was really upset by it. It hurts when death arrives so unexpectedly....but this wasn't a surprise, not to me any way. 

Not because it was such a senseless accident because accidents will happen. This wasn't an accident. He was doing what he was doing....working where he was working....because of his alcoholism...plain and simple. Drinking killed my friend Jim and dammit, I've seen so many good people, close friends, lose that fight. And yet it will keep happening because that's the way it goes. Good people in recovery, for a variety of reasons pick up that first drink and off they go, Drinking/Drugging often to the bitter end.

And like so many, he leaves a family behind who deep down will never understand why someone they loved so much would seemingly choose booze over them. Ach! That is truly the saddest aspect of these "accidents". They'll never, ever know why....hell he didn't know why he did the things the way he did. Just like I never knew why I made those very same decisions. We just tried to survive, day to animals...just fulfilling the need to drink.

I know now that I never have to go back there if I don't want to....easier said then done yet I realise qqqqqqit can be done.

As I close I will think of that family, those kids and his wife....

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