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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Grands

What can I say about being a Grandfather that hasn't already been said by others?

Funny but it's one of the few times I'm actually at a loss for words. It's so "BIG", so emotional....that attachment that it's rather difficult for me to explain.

 (MR.)Mason (A nickname)is the eldest of my daughter Chelsea's 2 boys, Mason and Maddox. Every time I hear that little guy say Grandpa This or Grandpa that, I want to melt. It almost seems unreal that it's a dream. How could I possibly be a grandfather? How unworthy I feel at times yet how grateful I am to indeed be their "Grandpa".

Maddox is the youngest and as is my habit he is already "Maddy" (Yea, I tend to come up with nicknames rather often, a habit I inherited from my Father). He isn't having spoken conversations but we understand each other perfectly. I have to believe this is part of a secret, special, unspoken language understood only by Grandfather's and their Grandson's.

Because I am a grandpa now, it is absolutely impossible for me to have a bad day. Why? Because all I have to do if I am beginning to feel the day slip away, things aren't going well or crazy stuff is happening, is take one look at a picture like the one above....and it all melts into one big smile and things instanly seem better.

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