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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Gift

Yes, I have another day on the least the start of a day (one is never sure what's going to happen, eh?!). Since I've been sober, I've tended to look at each new day as a gift. Not a bad perspective really and for me, it's no doubt the truth.

When you spend each moment of your life wishing you were dead, living as if you wanted to die, doing your damnedest to push the limits of health, sanity and common's obvious that you have no idea what an amazing, beautiful, wonderful thing our lives, this life...can be. Nope, I just survived, barely and that was it. And I survived at least part of that time against my own will because I truly didn't want to live anymore. Living was painful, death seemed like a pleasant alternative. Yet in the end, after trying my hardest, I couldn't take my own life, I couldn't "git er done".

Think about that. Death seemed to me to be a PLEASANT freaking alternative to life! I'm not kidding, I truly felt that way....and then something changed. To this day I can't say exactly how or when the change occurred....but it did. And One day At A Time, here I am today....

So what am I going to do with this gift of another day? It's a very good question...What are you gonna do?

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