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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yep, I know it's hard to believe but I actually watched OPRAH today on TV. The occasion was an hour long show dedicated to former President George W Bush (President #43), who just came out with a Memoir, released today.

My purpose in writing today isn't political, I'm not going to debate his decisions, politics, etc. I will say that I truly enjoyed the interview, there were NO subjects that seemed to be off limits and Winfrey asked him tough questions about 9?11, The War On Terror, War In Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and the near collapse of the economy...all things that were relevant to his presidency. He answered the questions honestly, in my opinion with no spin. He was very honest about things he felt he could have done better or would have done differently given another chance.

He answered straight up and I really noticed this because it is so rare in politicians today: He would come right out and admit something was a mistake....holy cow, that's just not done. It's to, uh, er.....HONEST! Honesty doesn't play well w/politician, ya know. I just like the way he answered the questions without trying to defend himself or spin the truth away....If he was at fault, then he said so and took responsibility for it.

The most impressive thing he said though was his response to Oprah's question of why he didn't criticize the current President. His response was that he understood how difficult the job was and didn't feel that it was his place. He went on to say that he wants the President to succeed, because when that happens the country succeeds and He loves the country so much that is what matters to him. I was impressed with that line of thinking and I agree. So much of politics today is wishing the other party to can one love their country yet wish failure on it?

Based on the show today, I believe that I will read his new book entitled "Decision Points" by George W Bush. I'm sure there will be parts I disagree with but I am interested in his point of view. So much criticism was directed his way that it's been hard to form any kind of objective opinion of his presidency. I'd like to try so I'll start here.....

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