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Thursday, November 18, 2010

What's up with all the poetry?!

Lately I've been posting some of the poetry that has come to mean something to me over the years. Most of it, in fact everything I've posted so far goes way back for me. Each of these poems means or represents something pretty significant to me and are just as meaningful now as they were when I they first discovered me (in other words:When I first read them).

I'm not about to go into why each is significant because I believe the poem itself represents a feeling and speaks for itself, therefore it speaks for me. I might discuss or refer to some of the  relevance, it all depends where I'm going with each blog, we'll have to see. Folks that know me realize that nothing is ever written in stone, I tend to be in a constant state of change so this is definately nothing new, to change my mind.

I'm pretty much in a groove with this poetry thing at the moment so I'm sure some more will follow but I will continue to also include posts relevant to whats happen now as well.

So Have a Happy Happy or if you'd rather Have a Shitty Shitty DAY (see I'm all about having choices!)...

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