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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You

Thank doesn't seem enough to say really, thank you.

After all many of you sacrificed your youth or gave your lives.....In hellish jungles, terrifying skies over Europe, Japan, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan or on a rocky hill top in Pennsylvania......or in wet, corpse ridden, rat infested trenches on the Western Front or Korea or Afghanistan, in the Bloody Angle at Spotsylvania Court House or in Vietnam....these are but just a few of many places you have served and served well. You served on ships, subs, airplanes....drove trucks, gave medical aid and did countless other deeds, some famous and well known, some known only to God. Because you took the secret to your grave....or suffered in silence with it for all these years hoping you'd forget.

I haven't. I won't, ever forget...what you American Vets have done for me and my country. I'm absolutely in awe of your dedication and your sacrifice....


Thomas O Davis
11 November 2010

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