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Friday, November 26, 2010

EV: Spitting it All Out

Well I suspect this post is going to fall under the category of "Chatty". I have been spending a good deal of time alone (even though we have had a house full of company, go figure!?) so I suspect this would be my way of getting the little stuff off my chest.

As I mentioned earlier today, I am still quite sick with pneumonia and need to try and keep things toned down. Easier said then done for me....I've always been kind of wired to begin with and when you throw in restlessness, well I tend to bounce off the walls. I'm doing my damnedest NOT to bounce but hey, I only have so much self control....

I'm also a busy body and typically I always have to be doing something....I don't sit and relax very well. Perhaps at night with a book but it's gotten harder to just chill.

Hey what's up with our President getting busted in the chops during a basketball game?! That's a bit surreal....I don't believe Eisenhower ever got bashed in the mouth....Kennedy perhaps when Jackie found him fooling around with one of the staff girls...KaaaPow!!
President Obama walks to his car with Secret Service agents after being injured in a basketball game with friends and aides.

On a more serious note...things are getting a little hairy in Korea right now. I don't have much factual Info so it's hard to know what's really going on there but over the years we occasionally would hear that the North Koreans were bent outta shape about something and throwing a temper tantrum about this or that. Yea it's serious too when they get a bug up their ass because they have a huge Standing Army w/modern artillery and Tanks plus now it seems, Nuclear capability. And lets face it, their leadership is not a prime example of sanity in action, 'Ya know what I mean. Those guys are just plain NUTS!

I guess we are just going to have to sit tight and see what happens as far as a potential war is concerned. One would think that the futility of fighting in Korea would be obvious to them but they certainly have a tendency to react emotionally to stuff and just blast away....Now it seems that China has stepped in to mediate. Hmm, that makes me feel safer!!

Anyone who knows me is familiar with the fact that I had a serious dislike for going to Florida during the winter. Then 2 years ago I spent 6 weeks or so there and pretty much reevaluated my thinking on that issue. I really enjoyed myself. The only issue was again, I was often doing things alone. I was staying at my parents Condo in Englewood and as nice as that whole set up is, I really would have enjoyed it more if I'd had been able to find more to do with other people. I hiked and swam every day but those are still solitary endeavors, so....

OK, Turkey four meals in a freaking row is enough already!! Let's have a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich  or something for Christ's sake!....

Tomorrow is a big day for Big Ten Football because of the rivalry games, mainly the Michigan-Ohio State Game and the game that interests me the most but nobody else: Purdue-Indiana. And Yea, even though I have tickets, I'll being doing the sensible thing and staying home tomorrow to watch on television...

Some good friends of mine were having a get together tonight at 6p. A bring a dish to pass kind of thing followed by a guest speaker. I was looking forward to going but again, here I sit w/my trusty computer, typing away. Actually I feel better now that I Know a bit more about whats going on with my health.

I suppose it's probably time to find a local Doc here in the area as well. I've kept my physician in Holland, MI up to this point because I wasn't sure where I would end up living....I tend to think I'm going to be here on Coldwater Lake for the foreseeable future with jaunts to S Florida in the Winter. It just feels strange thinking about getting a different doctor, I've had the same guy since 1984. Please no George Orwell comparisons, please!! It's not that he is some super healer or anything but once I get comfortable with someone like that, I appreciate the familiarity of it all.

Holy smokes have I rattled on here with some truly boring shit, eh? God, well i suppose it's better then letting this lame life story stuff fester inside...time to spit it out as it were.Ii kind of liken it to Emotional Vomiting, for lack of a better way to describe it.

Any how, It's time to pull the plug and wish everyone a wonderful evening...

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