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Monday, November 8, 2010

My Exploding Head.....

I suspect it is just a cold but at this moment my poor head feels as if it will blow itself into tiny particles at any second...the pressure is so intense that I wouldn't be the least surprised to have my eyeballs dislodge and pop out onto the table right in front of me....morbid? Yea but that is exactly the way I feel right now.

Honestly, I am hoping that it's JUST a head cold because my lungs really hurt as well w/a brutally deep hacking cough and my throat is quite sore. Friends have reminded me that Strep-Throat has been making it's rounds (thanks to all of you that have small children, the breading ground for most viruses going round these days). I suppose I'd take Strep over Pneumonia which for some inexplicable reason I've been susceptible to the least 5 yrs or so.

Forgive me, I'm Mr freaking CRANKY PANTS today and I do very much feel like making everyone else feel miserable as well just because I happen to feel lousy. Wah, Wah, Wah.....

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