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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sunday in November....Nightfall

Day one of Daylight savings "Fall Back" time 2010. 5:30 pm and darkness had already descended and interestingly enough, I am already used to it....not sure why. I have no particular reason to want it dark earlier but it just feels like the right thing to be doing this time of year. Shutting down for Winter, as it were. Simplifying the routine, a schedule more suited for heavy snowfall, icy cold windy days. Get outside, take care of the business of the day and head for the home fires, to pass the evening in the close, cozy, confines of one's own home. The Great White Way of The Great White North! You can't fight Mother nature, so as humans do....we adapt! And that is how....hunker down, light the a good book, organize the closets, cook, EAT (of course), F*#K like Rabbits (if you have a willing partner or even a helpful friend!), take a tub, (hot tub or bath tub, no matter!) just soak in hot water.....aaaaahhhh, so therapeutic, clean, make a mess, make music, make it up, make bacon, whatever...there are an unlimited amount of things to do inside, fireside, bedside. Time passes quickly, Robins appear and Spring......before you realize it, has Sprung!

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