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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anybody Out There?

A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to really focus on reinvigorating (or maybe just invigorating!) this Blog. I hadn't really done much with it recently but I felt like it was definately time to do something more with what I already had going here.

To a certain extent I've done that, thanks mainly to being a prisoner in my own house thanks to Pneumonia. But I feel like I've run out of juice a little bit. Perhaps that is just a temporary reaction to having been couped up so long and not having much i could really do. In other words I'm a bit bored and want to get out and get on with my life a bit more.

I think part of my hesitation here is I'm not really getting any feedback so I have no idea how I'm doing or if anyone at all is reading this thing. Is it worth even worth doing? I think I can answer that question w/out any feedback because I feel a sense of accomplishment writing and that is plenty of justification for me at this time.

But a Blog is a form of communication and I've always believed that it takes more then one person to effectively communicate. I realize that I may be asking for trouble here but I'd like to hear from somebody, anybody that happens to read this. I happen to be at a cross roads as it were in terms of trying to decide what direction to take this thing. Is it interesting when I write about my addiction and recovery? Would a sports based blog be more entertaining? Should I narrow the focus to something more specific or is my original notion of just "Writing what I see, feel, think and hear" on a day by day basis, interesting enough.

I realize that sometimes a person should be careful what they ask for but in this case I would really like some feedback, or observations or comments about anything, really. Is that a bit too much to ask, perhaps I'm just not writing well enough to provoke thought and feedback. If that's the case, well I'll find out, won't I.


  1. I read, and I am sorry I haven't commented much lately.

    I have many thoughts, so let me brain puke here, in no particulr order.

    ~ I think wiritng what is on your brain at the time is good for the soul, and you should continue to write as the spirit moves you

    ~ I too enjoy feedback, and wonder sometimes when comments are slow. And then I write something that generates a ton of feedback, and I have no idea why

    ~ I did spend a lot of time looking for the puppy of the day post, but couldn't find it ;o)

    ~ I personally don't enjoy your prose as much as your writing about your own life and world, but that is likely more my own issue that anything to do with the quality of your prose.

    ~ I was very pleased to see you starting to post again, and look forward to more posts.

    ~ my "a" key isn't working well, so please forgive any spelling mistakes

  2. and I just found the puppy, down at the bottom ... I am a dork :o)

  3. Thanks for the comments, I was beginning to feel as if I was the only person on the planet. That's not a healthy line of thought for a person who used to crave isolation 8^)...I must confess, I read your blog regularly and haven't commented lately so I should probably walk my talk, eh?!

  4. LOL, s'all good man. A lot of my recent posts have been You Tube videos, not soul baring posts, so no worries. Generally, for most bloggers, I assume lack of posts means all quiet on the home front.
    Be well.

  5. I just saw your blog daddy and I like the day to day what you're thinking stuff. if its about the lake and trees, cool. If its about addiction and recovery, then that's interesting too. Write what you feel!