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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not So Wonderful....

Not my best effort or my best judgement.....

That is the conclusion I just came to after re-reading my post from earlier this afternoon. Lame, amateurish, crass, not really funny....I'll face the facts, I don't care for it much myself.

But in the spirit of wanting to capture my thoughts, opinions, etc. of the moment, I'm going to leave it posted. I just don't want to get into constant editing or worse yet censoring my own work. That certainly is something I do NOT believe in and refuse to practice....short of war time/combat/protecting lives type censorship.

So that means that once in a while I am going to quickly post something, discover later that it's awful...and have to accept it. Of course I retain the right to Post another blog refuting, explaining or apologizing for the blog I dislike.

Time for Purdue Basketball on TV. Yep sports are one thing I do watch on TV. I've probably watched more lately because I've been home sick then I have in a long time and frankly, I'm sick of it.

Have a wonderful evening....

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