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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Very Bad Boy

That exploding head I blogged about the other day....My head, chock full of god knows what, pulsating, throbbing: quite literally feeling like at any moment....KA-BOOM, followed by flying snot and stuff everywhere....

Well that wasn't really my biggest problem...Nope, it was one of several (uncomfortable) symptoms I was having from Pneumonia. Yep I have Pneumonia, AGAIN! Holy cow I feel like a 90 yr old guy in a nursing home as frequently as I get pneumonia these last couple of years (3 times in 4 yrs by my count). Come to think of it I probably have less of a social/ romantic life then that 90 yr old brother in the nursing home as well....OK, OK I'm getting off-track.

Of course I have no idea how I (or anyone for that matter) gets Pnumi (I had to abbreviate, I'm tired of spelling it already). It seems to come out of nowhere but wherever it comes from definately has to be a very BAD place, that's for sure. I'm most definately lucky to be alive...though in some weird way I have a strange sense of guilt about getting it in the first place even though I truly have no clue as to how I actually got pneumonia. It's quite unsettling really, as if deep down I know that I must have done something wrong, something really terrible to deserve this fate....again!

All that blogging about turning over a new leaf, changing my life, being positive.....all of it for nothing. Obviously the Great Power of the Universe is deeply disappointed in me, punishing me once again with a bad case (is there such a thing as a good case?!) of Pneumonia for my sins!!

Any how, for those of you that were wondering why I haven't been around this past week at my usual haunts, I don't in fact have a cold, I have a rather bad case of Pnumi......

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