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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crack Pot (Of Dawn)

To this day I can't really explain it but i have always had a natural affinity for early morning. Knowing my past in regards to my alcoholism, would think I'm talking about staying up, rabble-rousing into the early hours but alas, I am not. No, I am an (early) "Morning Person". I just  like being awake , up an at 'em at an early hour. According to my Mum, I have pretty much always been an early riser. She tells the story of my morning routine at the age of 4 yrs old or so of going to the neighbors house in the duplex next door for breakfast when we lived in Medina, Ohio outside of Akron.

I did the same thing here at the Lake, going to the next door neighbors to the north, the Workman's for cereal with their son Tim who was a couple of years older them me. Those are great memories from a completely different era...I don't think neighbors interact like this anymore, at leaf as far as I've witnessed in the last two decades or so...including the time period where I raised my own children.

The natural desire to get up early served me quite well during my long career at Herman Miller in the Production Area. I started out as a regular production employee and worked my way into very good management positions. I worked every shift and variation of a shift but 75% was spent working a regular shift of 5a to 1p with daily Over-Time from 3-5p. We still worked some Saturdays but not very often. I loved the 5a-1p shift because you still had so much of the day to get stuff done. That changed though when I got into management and ended up working all the time it seemed.

Well I certainly didn't intend to post on my old job situation so I I'll bring this post around to a close. Even as I age I still have the most energy, the brightest outlook and best attitude first thing in the morning. I think at this point in my life I'm not going to change. I say this as i get ready to head out and exercise at 5:50a after being awake for nearly 2 hours already. 

So here's to a wonderful start to your day...CHEERS!                                                               

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  1. Oh, how I envy you. I've tried... and tried.. but my body clock is just not a morning person.