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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just Isn't ME...

I sometimes get frustrated with myself because I really believe I complicate life...MY life, way more then I need to. I often don't understand why I can't just kick back like a lot of people and just take things as they come. No, I have to push it, look at things differently and often that means accepting a "less traveled" path in life, by that I mean a less well known, often more difficult path. 

But it is my choice, to a degree I have always been this way so it certainly is a real and honest part of who and what I am. I am not trying to impress anyone here...quite the opposite...I envy people who seem to fit into to "society's puzzle" more naturally and don't worry or think about such dilemma's as blazing one's own trail or being "unique". I've often questioned myself and suffered low self-esteem because I feel that I don't quite "fit in" with society and think it's a flaw in me.

The truth of the matter is I've tried conforming to a more well traveled, more acceptable way of living and it does not just isn't me...simple as that.

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