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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War

People who know me know that I have always enjoyed studying history. I have always had an interest in it. It started with one book my grandmother had in an upstairs bookcase: The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War with text by Bruce Catton.

My love of and interest in history has lead to a love for Biography, Philosophy, Religion, Geography and so on and on. The search for TRUTH as it were is linked, I believed. I can honestly picture myself living this life with out certain things but I cannot in any way see myself living this life without the desire to "KNOW", to search, to learn, to GROW. It motivates and drives me...most certainly it is part of who an WHAT am...A SEEKER.

Wouldn't you leave it up to me to take what appeared to be the beginnings of a very serious post and use it to play one of my favorite songs...The SEEKER by  THE WHO. Not only that another Fav band, RUSH did a cover of this song for their 30th reunion tour and cut an EP. Rush NEVER does covers so this is a gem...I had to include it as well.

Actually this is a topic, my insatiable desire to SEEK TRUTH that I will continue this afternoon but I thought it might be fun to introduce the topic in a unique way...perhaps get everyone's MONDAY off to a proper (Classic) Rocking start!

So Stay tuned and we'll catch you on the flip side....

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