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Monday, June 18, 2012

Temperature Taking Time (The 3 T's)

In a certain kind a way, I take my "emotional temperature" several times a day, every day of the year...I refer to it as Temperature Taking Time and these days I do it automatically and never have to think bout it before hand. So...what do I mean by emotional temperature? Basically I kind of doing a mini-inventory on how I'm feeling emotionally, plus spiritually, physically and psychologically. And really I'm kind of making it sound like a bigger deal then it really is BUT the truth is that I have found it an invaluable tool in keeping myself grounded, healthy and on an even keel.

Like a lot of people, I can let myself get wrapped up in stuff that in the bigger picture, really doesn't mean anything. Today that sounds like no big thing but when I first got sober...let's face it...people drink over that kind of ridiculous crap. So this was one way I used to avoid doing that.

I also monitored the basic stuff that could impact me in a negative way: Am I hungry, angry,  lonely or too tired? I know, it sounds like silly stuff when you think of it but many a recovering addict who relapsed will tell you they weren't eating well, not getting enough sleep and stuff started to overwhelm them and before they knew it they were drinking...

So even though I'm light years away from the days when I was in immediate danger of taking a drink if something went wrong...I still stay on top of that stuff and it helps me relax, keeps me aware of how I'm doing and I think that awareness also makes me a better friend, family member, significant other and human being because I'm not just aware of what I am thinking or feeling but I can anticipate or recognize when one of the people I am close to is struggling or has a need.

It all goes along with the philosophy of helping others and getting out of that self oriented mind set that dominated my thinking and lifestyle for so many years. This sounds complicated but it really isn't. part of that is because I am truly interested in people today instead of just appeasing them to get what I want or need from them. 

It is something I continue to explore as I get older and more experienced living a spiritual based life focused on service instead of self. I know...iy sounds like a load of hooey (I always have to find a use for that of my favorites!) but it really isn't...I prefer it this way.

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