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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No Mr Sandman...For Me

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I am experiencing some strange sleep issues again. I'm unable to really sleep well at night but then I am able to sleep during the day in 45 minute or so nap segments. I have to have the most trouble with sleep of anyone I have ever known though K has her fair share as well.

I'm not really complaining because I have managed to find productive stuff to do and be involved's just that it's a hassle when your schedule doesn't match up with most folk's but in some way's a messed up sleep schedule does have it's advantages. Like being up super early, I just love that feeling of being the only one on the planet who is awake. Obviously that isn't true but that is the way that it feels at 3:30a and I enjoy that feeling...immensely.

The key to coping is adaptability....I learned that lesson the HARD WAY, sveral times over again but reality is that it's TRUE...very true. The sooner I adopted that philosophy...the better I was able to deal with adversity. This sleep "issue" is no different.


  1. I love how you see these things as a gift - a lesson for you. Not easy to do, specially with the frustrations of sleep deprivation.

  2. That point of view took years to develop...YEARS.