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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Sky Is NOT Falling, Chicken Little!

According to so many people I see posting on the Internet and on the TV News seems that now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obama-Care that everyone I know has turned into Chicken-Little as they run around proclaiming that the sky is falling down. Hmm...that's pretty interesting...and ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, I do not agree that it is the answer for our countries healthcare isn't even a reasonable stab at it in my humble opinion. And I have a rather unique perspective because of what has happened to me in the last decade of my life. I've actually had great insurance...and I was without health insurance of any kind for over 3 YEARS. So my opinion happens to be based on experience...and fact, not hype or speculation.

I had a wonderful career at Herman Miller, Inc., had very good benefits, decent and affordable health insurance for nearly 25 years. Today as my disability has been worked out and I buy supplemental Insurance but there was a several year period where I bought my own medical insurance until it became way too expensive. Then I was without insurance for 3 years or so. So I actually know what it's like to have good, company provided insurance, I know what it's like to purchase my own insurance and to be completely without is FRIGHTENING...let me assure you. In addition I know what it's like to have SS Disability Medicare and supplemental Insurance.     

This is a HUGE change of opinion from my working days but today I honestly believe the system as we have had it is a colossal failure...we need to do something different. We are too great a nation not to provide medical care for everyone, honestly to borrow a cliche': "It's What Jesus would do".  But I do not believe Obama-Care is the answer either, there are way too many flaws in this system and I can't see how it can be paid for legitimately. The Republicans had a real chance to participate in the process but were not willing to change or compromise thinking it was plenty good enough the way it was so they refused to budge...and this is what their arrogance got us all stuck with. And now the Supreme Court (with a supposed conservative Chief Justice at the helm) upheld Obama-Care with their latest ruling. What a freaking mess... is NOT the end of the world folks or the end of America as we know it...And I'm getting seriously tired of all the Talking Heads on FOX NEWS stirring up fear among people, particularly the elderly who think they are losing everything they have worked for.  

For me I learned one of my life's hard lessons related to this subject of health care...just a few short years ago I would have been very close minded about this and intolerant toward change. Then I experienced the unexpected loss of my health insurance...I wasn't a welfare case, I had worked my tail off my entire life and I found myself in a terrible bind.  Now I know what it's like and I know there has to be a better way. Next time people try to enact change, participate in the process instead of attacking it...perhaps the outcome will be more acceptable  for everyone.            

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