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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


It has been a pretty cool day. I spent some time late this morning with some of my buddies in recovery. Those folks mean the world to me and it is unfortunate that as time passes I don't see a lot of them as much as I  would like but every time I do it's like we never parted. There is a bond among folks in recovery...we are kind of like the survivors of a terrible shipwreck. We share an experience that most people know nothing about. Only a few of us know the pain, the loneliness and heart-ache...we know the guilt of hurting the people that love us the most...including, quite often...each other.We know vividly the scream-out-loud agony of withdrawal from narcotics and alcohol and the wish that someone would please just kill us and make the agony Go Away!

I did a lot of little things just for me today...I walked, played a little golf and now am going to hang out with KS. I don't know if you ever truly "get over" events like i have experienced in my life. It is a cliche but i really believe that what one can really hope to do is learn to live with it...and those experiences can contribute to a person's life in a positive. way. learning and growing lead to moving forward and that has really been my ultimate goal. So good.

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