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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grinds Me

My father is 82 years old and has had more surgeries then I ca probably count...2 artificial knees, 1 hip, 2 back surgeries, multiple knee surgeries prior to the replacements and on and on. In spite of all this he gets around all right and his health is quite good. I think he uses his age and physical issues to pawn of his chores and responsibilities on others.

Don't get me wrong I am fine with helping him out but I fear he hurts himself but not moving around. in fact I know from experience that if you start a pattern of inactivity it gets harder and harder to break free from it.

The reason I mention this today is we had a disagreement about this. he told me that one day I will know what it is like to hurt all the time. I told him i've known for 2 decades what its like and he laughs at me like my pain is nothing compared to his.

It bothers me when he does this, belittles my injuries and what it takes for me to just exist each day. There isn't anything I can do about but it grinds me, none the less.

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