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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Freakin' HOT BRO...

The fact that it may be a "Dry Heat" is not gonna make much of a difference on this blast furnace kind of a day...Especially when you live with senior citizens...who are always "cold" all the time, even when 80 degrees IN THE HOUSE!

So the ritual of haggling about when we can turn the air conditioner on begins. I am really not a big AC type of person but daily temps in the 90's for a few days is enough motivation for me.Why suffer when you have it.

It's odd but Dad has spent the last 45 years going to a health club and his routine was always pool, light exercise and his body is very acclimated to the heat...I think that is a hug part of this too. And he is definitely at the age where he is pretty much incapable of understanding someone else's need's nor does he much care. It keeps stuff interesting that's for sure!

But it is what it I'm going for a walk. When I was a teenager growing up here I spent summers living here at the cottage and it was just my grandmother and I during the week. It was awesome, I pretty much had freedom to do as I pleased but I was very close to my grandmother so other then snag some of her JW Dant Whiskey, I really looked after her. Those were really good memories and some of the few from my childhood that weren't ruined by the hell of what had happened to me.

Anyway...gonna behow, stay hydrated...and YEA...Stay COOL!

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