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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I love the word combo Hocus-Pokus...just the way it rolls off the just SOUNDS cool. And it can mean all sorts of mysterious stuff or imply that some "funny business" is INDEED going on!

Yea it is also what I used to think a belief in God was...HOCUS-POKUS. Well when I wasn't thinking it was a bunch of Hooey! I didn't have a lot of use for it because I thought it was all "religion" and religion was an invention of Man used to control other men by guilt, fear and intimidation. What's more scary then being threatened with eternal DAMNATION, eh?!

I would look at the few true crack pots who were Christians and jump to the conclusion they were all that way. Here I was someone who touted himself as being so open minded  yet I was judging a whole group of people by the actions of a few. It was convenient to blame THOSE Hippocrates for they were smug and thought (at least I thought they thought) they were better then the rest of us.

I would mock their belief and "FAITH" in this unknown VOODOO like "god Thang" and Angels and such. Of course at this very same time I believed in reincarnation and believed I had actually lived another whole other life time and I didn't think that was odd or Hocus-Pokus...And other people I hung out with hated Christians to, thought they were nuts for believing in GOD but thought my belief in living before was "cool" and they accepted least to my face they did. 

I know people mock conversions to God due to addiction or other trauma in their lives as being be it...The alternative for me was dying so I can handle being made fun of. Frankly I don't really give a rip what they think...I'm just know what happened in my life  and I couldn't believe it. 

All my doubt and skepticism just disappeared and I knew there was something going on inside of was so obvious. I tend to treat other people a little differently then some people who believe...I really don't push my faith specifically with words but many people know my story and it seems so utterly IMPOSSIBLE...even for the most cynical folks to believe I actually survived this whole chaotic death trip on my own. My story speaks for me.

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