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Monday, June 11, 2012

Surprising POWER

I spent most of the day today doing things that I wanted to do...a rarity even for someone who is for the most retired. I met four good friends this morning for 9 holes, spent some time with my parents, did a few odd jobs, make lunch, stretched out and golfed a bit more.

I didn't think a whole lot about why I am here or staying worrying about anything really...nope, I was just living.

I did something unusual for me that turned into a rather powerful experience for me. Thes men I met with today are all Christians who attend my church. They are NOT all show and no substance...these are really humble, committed and unselfish people who would and have done anything for someone if they need it. They've really been good friends.

Well one of the gents suggested on the 1st TEE that we pray for a buddy who started Radiation Treatment today, his Prostate Cancer has returned. Well there would have been a time you wouldn't have caught me dead praying in public but we joined hands and I am telling you there was incredible power in that experience. I really could feel it...

So that was definitely a first, praying in a group, joined together in a circle on the golf course.

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