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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Mish/Mash Of Crazy STUFF

Not sure why I am even posting but I was sitting here fooling around on the computer while I eat something for dinner...Yea, I'm  eating pizza at my desk...hey! I didn't know what else to do and it sounded like a good way to multi-task so pizza and key-boarding it is!

I have given some more thought to the various possible reasons one might actually want to embrace Depression or feeling low. I speculated in an earlier post...(which ever one it was I no longer recall) that feeling depressed may be a natural reaction of the human body to protect itself from stress or the horrors of life or living. Perhaps our body and mind has the ability to determine when enough is enough and pull the plug.

I'm not convinced but I have been paying more attention to the patterns of my moods or emotions. It really is a fascinating prospect but I'm always speculating about such things.

I have a little activity I do on Tuesday nights that I get great joy out of. I read the Bible out load for about an hour. It sounds strange I know but I really enjoy it and would do it if nobody came, which quite honestly is ALMOST the case, tee hee...

So I'm cutting this off right now because I have to get going. Any one who has any thoughts about the correlation between Depression and our body/mind's natural need for rest or down time i would sure like to hear it....thanks again everyone for reading,


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