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Friday, June 8, 2012

I Can't Watch IT...

I never really watch movies....either at the theater, TV or recorded. They always make me uncomfortable as do TV Sitcoms and dramas. I don't dislike them...I actually love many movies it's just hard for me to sit still and watch 'em.

As I write this the movie "We Bought A Zoo" with Matt Damon is playing and I half watch it as I do other things. I often wonder why I am this way about films, shows and also reading Fiction. I have come to the conclusion that I had so many weird, awkward, painful , trippy experiences that I really would rather not watch "fantasy"...I like boring, reality...serene, calm, things that are not awkward or chaotic or tragic or painful or ....Ach, the truth is that place does NOT exist.

Life unfortunately is all those things and more and I suppose I don't need to relive it through some show or movie. I'm noit saying movies are bad or people who enjoy going to the theatre are wasting their time...NO, I guess what I am saying is that it is something that really just does not appeal to me. Yea...I have always been told I'm strange because  don't care for going to movies. Often when I was married the "thing" other couples did was get together and watch a movie at someone's house or go see a movie together...I was bored out of my mind.
I would rather sit and talk then watch a movie especially with another couple, ach!!

Not sure why I felt compelled to share that but hey, there IT IS....

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