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Thursday, June 7, 2012

What IT Is...

I really appreciate having an attitude today of: "what can I do, how can  help, where can I be useful" combined with "life is EXACTLY what it is"...and that is what YOU make it each and every day. For me the parameters of how I try to live are set forth by God, The Creator and I can read what those are every day if I so choose in that timeless little best seller...The Bible.

OK, I can here it already out there in "Readers World"...."here he goes again...preaching, "Bible Thumpin'"...yada, yada, yada.  Er...not really my friends. This is how I choose to may choose whatever path you wish and I completely respect your right and wishes in that matter. But the purpose of Shell Shock Serenade is to share how I live my life after being sexually assaulted, after decades of serious and severe alcohol & drug addiction, failed marriages, lost hopes, shattered dreams. This little 'ole blog of mine chronicles how some of that has come back and come back WAY better then it ever was before.

First lesson I needed to learn was to learn lessons from all of my mistakes, problems, poor choices, etc. etc. Easier said then done of course but doable. Of course one must sober up, clear out all of the garbage before they can honestly have a chance at everything I write about recovery is with the assumption that one must be physically clean and sober.

I cannot really find words adequate enough to describe what a joy it is to wake up and start a new day with a positive attitude...that was basically an unknown experience for me. The last decade of my life as a practicing alcoholic/addict was spent it seems in some sort of "crisis management mode each and every day. That my friends...really sucks.

OK...oatmeal breakfast is's 6am and time to get outside. We will catch up with you at a later time or place...have a wonderful morning.

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