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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Opportunity KNOCKS...Again?

I remember one of my therapists or perhaps a therapy group leader who always started off each session by reminding me that each new day is an opportunity to do and BE something special. Opportunity being the key word there...Oh how I hated hearing her say that! It still makes me feel funny inside.

But (and there is always a "but", right?) even though it was annoying and repetitive hindsight I have to admit that it pretty much holds true in my life today. That is how I see each day: As an opportunity to grow, explore, to learn, etc, etc, etc. That still does not make it easy to put that philosophy in practice when life continues to throw you curve-balls or is just plain hard...but it gives me something to focus on when life is difficult. It really helps to keep me focused.

I admit that I have a very tough time this morning looking cheerfully on this day to come and happily seek out whatever new opportunities come my way. I'm physically not feeling well, K's still dealing with a great deal of employment and custody adversity plus even more serious health issues this time then I am. Where is the good in that? How can THAT possibly turn into a positive situation?

Honestly...I haven't a clue...but typically I find myself pleasantly surprised to realize at the end of the day that indeed...something good did take place. So I am hopeful...and I find that the attitude of hope alone often is enough on it's own to change the attitude or dynamic of a potentially sh*tty day.

So Outside we go...where at 5:30a in the morning it is already 75 degrees...a great time to get a wee bit of exercise.

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