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Monday, June 11, 2012

Don't Blow It...

I have written before about how I always felt like I was different then other people. I just always remember feeling odd and inadequate. It didn't matter that as a young boy I had a multitude of friends in the neighborhood, I still never felt like I belonged even when I was the lead instigator of the group. Other kids were following my lead, doing as I did and suggested and yet I still felt as if i didn't measure up.

I eventually learned to accept that feeling but it still never felt right to me.   I often wonder what he "normal" people feel think think about this kind of thing? Here I go again assuming I am not normal but I just cannot imagine that this is how mot people feel day in and day out. Perhaps it is and I am just willing to articulate it.

Anyway those feelings of inadequacy still exist and are still an issue for me after 6 full years of recovery and assorted therapy to accompany it. I guess the most important thing to realize is that by discussing it or writing about it means that it is still an issue important enough to deal with and it is the healthy choice to do so. Often it's easy to blow it off by belittling it as not really significant. I have learned by now if it is bugging me and on my mind for several days then it requires some action on my part.

Hence this post...         

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