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Friday, June 15, 2012

"It's The Feet In Them Shoes, Maud"

Perspective...You have one dear reader, your parents do or did, the neighbors do, their kids as well...the folks at work, the guy at the gas station all have their own perspective. I certainly have mine and nowadays I'm not ashamed nor afraid to show or demonstrate it...that's what getting sober and a shot of self-esteem will do for you.
 I absolutely love the fact that all humans are different...each with our very own DNA...and perspective. The key to unlocking one's perspective and becoming that unique YOU for all to see is a little confidence, a dash of moxie, some guts and more then a little "crazy". And THEN: let yourself fly....
All way easier said then done of course. But it can be done and when done right...well watch out....SPECIAL people happen. The truly special ones who are what they are...and do not care what you or I think about it...not one whit.

It isn't an easy way to live...blazing one 's own trail as an individual. So many fall into the trap and think  that to truly be an "individual" you need to rebel, push people away and control ALL the details. I believed that once and lived that misguided interpretation of that philosophy almost to the day it killed me.

No I have lived long enough now to know that ANY full life lived on this planet includes GOD and good, healthy relationships with others. I know it doesn't sound as glamorous as giving the whole world thew finger and doing IT your way but in my experience...actually living is better then dying. Hey...that's just my opinion, tee hee!

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