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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sorry, The Photo Is Better Then This Post!

This will be a non-political post this morning...I promise, at least until this afternoon! Typically I am not one to wear my political beliefs openly or make much of a fuss out of sharing them. Mainly because the discussions usually degenerate into an argument and rarely anything ever gets accomplished anything positive.

I am going to completely change direction here with this post. What you see above basically has taken me 45 minutes to write because of distractions and interruptions.

As regular readers know, Shell Shock Serenade is a blog where I try to capture the life of a person in recovery in real time. This means that my posts are often spur of the moment "check Ins" or updates. Not mini-essays as many blogs have though I do include some more formal "commentary" style posts.

Because of all this, the nature of this blog allows me to change gears and go in the opposite direction. It has become very clear that I have to much happening at the moment to be posting on the blog. I am always the last to know...why is that?!

Any how I will check in later. The "holiday" crowd is definitely here already. My cousin and his wife are stopping in for a visit...they are "day-tripping" from Pittsburgh. 

So this is a fairly lame excuse for a post and the emotional side of me feels a tad guilty putting this out there so I have decided to include a pic I took the other morning of the pre-dawn sky over Coldwater Lake. Its a favorite of mine and one I was saving for a special occasion but I will use it here instead, That way reading this wasn't a complete waste of time.

Anyway...I have to run...until later.


  1. Your photos are always so beautiful.

    Enjoy your family visit!

  2. Why thankyou C, your comment is very much appreciated.