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Friday, February 3, 2012

Ain't No Judge, Ain't No Jury!

wrote yesterday that I wrote that I do not like the idea of being the judge of other peoples behaviors. Don't get me wrong...I'm human and I can find fault in people just like the next guy...I can be critical and judgmental but I recognize that as a very unpleasant and negative part of me that I must learn to avoid. I don't consider it my job and I simply don't understand people who take it on themselves to judge others. By what power? 

I realize that any behavior can get taken too far and that it happens but I have also clearly been judged by others for my appearance, my beliefs....that Is not how I feel led by the HOLY just isn't and I do not feel for a second that is what I am to do.

I struggled greatly in the past with my tendency to judge others...I was vicious and terribly unfair. And I didn't really care...nobody was good enough and everybody had faults. In particular I HATED Christians with a passion because I thought they felt they were better then everyone else. I so disliked myself greatly as a person that as a result it reflected back out in the way that I viewed others.

I know there is some truth to that stereo-type about Christians acting "higher then mighty" and acting like their "Sh*t doesn't stink". But in reality I have not detected that attitude among people I know at church though Ihave seen it reflected somewhat in other church goers attitudes. This is why so many people judge Christians because they see this type of behavior. 

A while back people wore those WWJD wrist bands to remind themselves to do what was right...Jesus being the example of what was right. I don't think they meant to carry that to the point of judging others as Jesus surely can as God. 

No I always have taken that to mean walk a loving, caring road toward my fellow man. To Live as he would loving and taking care of them all.

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