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Friday, February 17, 2012

Playing "Foot Doctor"

I have come to the conclusion that even though I feel reasonably competent for the most part around computers, using them, setting them up and doing basic stuff but I still could benefit from having my own personal IT person available to me at all times.

Case in point is a couple of weeks ago I got a different printer for my main office, the laptop  and tablets I use for most if not all of my writing. For the life of me I never could get the darn thing set up correctly. I was so dog-gone frustrated that I ended up calling DELL support and it turned out to be a huge mess. But I can now print or copy at will. And that's great...

But I still feel like an incomptent Schmuck for not being able to figure it out for myself but such is the humbling nature of LIFE. It was a huge chunk of my day wasted but hopefully it was worth it it and that will take care of any potential issues in the future...

Now I have to go and "play doctor" with Kim. Before my reader's imagination's get carried away that means I have to doctor the blisters on Kimmi's poor feet. They actually are doing better today...we got her a more properly fitting pair of steel toe boot . I have plenty experience with  work boots/footwear, blisters and taking care of blistered feet.

Yesterday she came home and her feet were both totally trashed. There was no doubt that the steel toe athletic style shoes she had purchased a year ago were not properly fitted. So we went over to the daily "carnival show" at Walmart and found a good pair of brown leather boots for $23 bucks. I then doctored her blisters then did the same thing tonight. I think she is on the mend so we'll call it a success.

But for anyone looking for steel toe work shoes or boots I definitely suggest staying AWAY from the sneaker looking models pictured a
above....though I'm sure there are some decent models my experience with them has not been very positive. People are attracted to them mainly because they look cool an seem lighter weight but ultimately a basic work boot pair has always proven better in my nearly 30 years around the factory. Always, Always, ALWAYS take the time to make sure they fiut propery. If you are going to error, error on the side of having them a little can always wear a thicker sock.

OK, I'm off my soap-box, tee hee!

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