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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I was just sitting here peacefully, kind of, really more like just relaxing for awhile. I can glance over and see Kim sleeping soundly after another very tough and physical day at work. She said earlier every muscle hurt in her body. I'm really proud of her for sticking with the job search. It wasn't easy and can be very discouraging to be told "no, we aren't interested in you" or "the position has been filled".

I definitely think she handled it better then I would have at this stage in my life...maybe, maybe not. Now the question is will the job become permanent or stay a temp job? All we can do really is wait. Fortunately it pays very well, especially for a job through a temporary service.  

OK I'm getting punchy and falling out here so I am going to close...Nighty, NIGHT!

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