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Monday, February 13, 2012

Cosmic Smoke Signals

In 10 minutes K-Sue leaves for work. Yes, this is no is 3:45AM! I worked hours like these for many years especially when I got involved in production management and had multiple shifts of people that reported to me. As incredible as it get used to it and I actually like working 5a-1p shifts, particularly in the summer time when you could get out and enjoy the weather. But many people hated those always comes down to personal preference.

I am writing this as sort of a prayer, a cosmic communication of hope and good wishes from the heart. Yes...Kim needs this job but only if it's God's will for her and we will find that out soon enough.

I am so proud of the effort she has put into moving down here to Coldwater, totally on faith alone...there were and still are NO guarantees that she will succeed but if she is following God's will for her then she has ALREADY succeeded.

So Kimmi...this one is for YOU Baby, I love you and I'm pulling for you. And oh even look super-fine in that Hard-Hat that you have to wear!! Have a good and safe day!

(Photo: KT)

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  1. Best wishes and positive thoughts from here too ...