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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A REAL Life Changer

I really care about people...I really do. And it is not just the people I know that I care about, it can be someone I have never met personally. Like one of the readers of my blog.The reason that I am writing about this all of a sudden is not to blow my own horn..."HEY, Look at ME, I am this really super nice caring GUY, everyone should think highly of me for it". is because for most of the 50 odd years of my life the opposite was pretty much the TRUTH...I didn't care about other people. I didn't have time to stop what I was doing and reach out to another person. Oh, I didn't wish anyone harm...I just figured somebody else could handle it for them, I had other stuff to do.

I have discovered through my own recovery experience and the experience of others that there does seem to be a definite connection between suffering and the sufferer becoming more compassionate and understanding toward least during those times when the person involved stays in recovery and keeps working toward changing their ways...and their life.

I know that all the time that I hurt, that I was sick, when I felt forgotten, lonely and would sink into total despair...was training in a way for me to become more compassionate, more understanding and helpful to others. I am much more aware of other people today...I am a better listener then I EVER was before. 

And being a better listener is HUGE because I believe compassion and caring starts with listening...I KNOW from experience that it does.

I know this is a LOT to digest in a short period of time but it has become such an important change for me. I feel so much better about myself because I know now in my heart that I genuinely CARE about my friends/my family...and that caring shines through..they in turn feel better to.

A major discovery that I have made this week has been that caring, sharing, listening and LOVING without a doubt is CONTAGIOUS...and I hope to continue to let it SPREAD! I know that I am a much, much happier, healthier and yea more likable individual because of this complete transformation in my attitude. It didn't come easy but it was more then worth the hard work, uncertainty and risks that had to be taken. It's changed my life...

(PHOTO: by Kathy Tomson)

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  1. And it shows.

    This is just something that I've gathered from your comments on my blog, but you are attentive, you notice details and fine subtleties, and you are careful about how you formulate things (this is very important in my book).

    And the suffering... I guess that is the high price old souls pay that you mentioned the other day.

    Have a good one, buddy!