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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Time To GO!

Just the second short post of the day so dear reader, you'e catching a MAJOR break today, haha. An honestly I posting this out of obligation to post SOMETHING because today I really have been slacking but I don';t really have anything to really rattle on about.

Since the Super Bowl is on in less then 2 hours I suppose I could talk about the game for a minute. Unlike most of the media and bandwagon jumpers I not only want the New England Patriots to win I actually think they will 34-28. I think they'll put points up and though the Giants will score I think  New England's D does what it had to do to get the job done.

K and I are heading over to a friends house who lives just a couple miles away to watch the game on a huge movie screen...pretty cool. Got an awesome assortment of cheese, crackers, Summer Sausage, Brie, Baguette plus smoked brisket over at my buddies...I guess that begs the question...what am I sitting here for, Kim's ready...time to go!! GO PATS!!

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