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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sorry CHARTER: 'Ya Dropped The BALL

I will begin this post by stating up front that I am not in a very good mood. Why is that one may wonder? I'l tell you.

Last night I was having trouble with my cable television and had to call the cable company...Charter Communications. They were very helpful and we ended up making an appointment this morning from 8 to 10 am for a repair person to come out.

Earlier this morning (I say it was 6a, the cable rep says 7a but in reality it's irrelevant) this morning I got a call on my cell from Charter, I picked it up and an automated voice said they were verifying my appointment from 8-10 then the call ended. I thought cool, they just verified the appointment.

Now most people probably wouldn't be awake that early if the appointment wasn't until 8a but readers here know that I don't sleep much.

So I'm going about my morning thinking the cable guy is coming soon when at 8:05a I get another automated call but it disconnects before it even gets started. So I call the number back to be informed that since I didn't verify my appointment they cancelled it. So great, I re-arranged my whole morning for this and now they cancelled it.

So I call, explain what happened and that I am a bit unhappy about how they went about this. It turns out that they can't come when they were supposed to and now it's between 10-12 when I had re-scheduled an meeting.

Now I understand that they need to confirm appointments but I find it a bit ridiculous in this scenario. I called last night, probably at 7p or so. The appointment was for 8a to 10a. Now I think it's unrealistic to expect a person to be around at 6 or 7a to verify the service at that hour of the morning. Now I was awake but most people I know would set their alarm for 8a ....

They asked me if I minded waiting until 10a-12p which in reality I do mind but what am I going to do? It needs to get fixed. Now my whole morning is completely screwed up. Then I thought "Hmmm...I'm a writer, perhaps I should use this time to write".

So SORRY CHARTER, that's what I decided to do. Usually you are pretty good about customer service and I like doing business with you but this time in my dropped the ball.

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