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Friday, February 24, 2012

My Friday FOLLY!!

Early Friday mornings usually find me on my way into town early to meet several men from my church for breakfast at 6:30a and book study/discussion.

I'm sorry but the domestic side of me today just makes me bust out laughing. Here I am getting ready to head into Coldwater, 20 minutes or so away to meet with a pastor and several church guys when just 6 years ago if someone even suggested I'd be doing such a thing I would think they'd lost their mind.

Sorry folks, I gotta run and yea, I wasted a blog post and a few minutes of your time this morning just to tell you how IRONIC...even CRAZY this new life of mine is.....oh yea, I left out amazing and WONDERFUL TOO!

God Bless You All and have a Happy FRIDAY!


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