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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gotta Make A Change...And Make It Now!!

I guess the most distressing part of the health and sleep stuff I have been going through of late is when I get in a mode where I can't stay awake, falling asleep at my computer keyboard or while eating a snack of cereal in the kitchen. And then on the other hand I cannot get a single wink of worthwhile sleep laying down or being propped up in bed. I'm totally useless and of course it gets worse the less sleep I get over time.

I think over all, the situation has improved some but at the same time it hasn't gone away. I have begun to consider other things I can do that may help. I really need to find a way to get some more exercise. Yet when K and I walked just a little bit this evening (around 10-15 minutes) around the small loop at the north end of the island...I was terribly winded and just didn't feel well.

It really could be a case where I have put on too much weight and it has just upset the physiology of my bodies makeup...that combined with the fact that I have awful eating habits has just set me too far back to fix it with out some major changes to my exercise routine and diet.

I'll admit that I have been in total denial that it could be my weight and diet. I have always been a skinny guy and could get away with eating what I wanted. The disability to my back and subsequent increasing immobility that can come with it has made it harder and harder for me to get any kin of regular exercise and it really shows.

So in addition to the increased weight gain, the lousy diet and such, I am getting into worse and worse habits all the way around with health. This has to change and it is not something I am good at, changing my routines. But I know I have to do it and I really need to find a way to get some of this weight off of me in a fairly quick turn around time.

I am really having issues with my swollen feet and I think losing the weight, eating healthy (possibly a change to vegetarian diet) might make a world of difference.

I know that is a lot easier said then done...especially for me who usually has a bowl of cereal and a bowl of ice cream before I settle in each night. Since I have had the stomach issues and surgery I do have some legitimate problems there and that is how I have gotten into the ice cream and cereal diet...because those two things sooth my stomach.

But I have to do something so we'll see. Kim and I talked about it earlier tonight and when we eat together we are going to try and really focus on healthier meals. I would like to get into juicing or blending and have a friend that does that but I cannot afford that kind of blender. It would be perfect for me and my stomach..perhaps there are some things I can do with a regular blender.

Anyway that is the big topic on my mind right now...eating healthier and getting much more exercise....stay tuned, it's gonna be interesting (if not interesting then certainly comical!!).

(Photo: Kathy Tomson)

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