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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Favorite Things...

I have been fortunate in my life to have known some incredibly gifted people...gifted in many different ways and aspects of life. Blogging has allowed me to daily interact with some incredibly interesting, smart and gifted people as well.

For those of you not really that familiar with blogging...the sky is the limit. A person can blog about anything and everything. They can be all written or nothing but photographs. They can be serious or silly, real or fake...again anything goes.

This blog that I write: Shell Shock Serenade is a daily account of a person who is living a life of recovery from alcohol and drugs. This person is also a rape survivor so that subject comes up frequently as do many other relevant topics in life like relationships, marriage, communication, honesty, etc.

As a result I tend to be drawn myself to other bloggers who write about their personal experience in an honest and open fashion. As I just mentioned I have come into contact with some pretty incredible folks since I have been blogging and as a result it got me thinking that perhaps some of you who don't read my blog list on the side of my blog not be aware of these people. And I think that is a shame.

As a result I want to share a few of these with you...

I am not going to go into great detail because I think the blog is worth taking the time to explore on your own. Plus I'm not sure each author would necessarily agree with my description, haha.

First off is Chris at CHAOS AND KAIROS. Chris writes about her life and relationships and I caution you...this is a brilliantly written and thought out blog and it is hard for me to even begin to describe all Chris is about. It's written anonymously (Chris is NOT her real name) and she is very candid (almost heart breakingly so) about the destruction of her 11 year marriage. Very intense...I never miss a post!

Another blog I've read from the beginning is Christine MacDonald which is also the name of the blog. She writes very honestly about her decade as a stripper beginning at age 19 in Hawaii where she was born and raised. It is a very candid blog about her life then and how it has affected her life today. She also speaks about a very terrible acne style skin condition which was very hard on her self-image and painful to treat and recover from. She long ago got out of the "business" and now lives in 

Almost in a sad way, I will write about "Sunny" at Sunny Sings The Blues. This is an incredible blog about a young married woman who discovers her husband is having an affair and a week later, just as she is deciding to divorce him...he drops dead during a nightly jog.It ids a heartbreaking tale and incredibly well written. Unfortunately (and sadly) for us bloggers, Sunny (again not her real name) is writing a memoir about this event and is no longer active writing or contributing to this blog. I mean I'm thrilled she is writing the book and can't wait for it but I miss her blog! But it is well worth the read plus there are links to her other blogs that may interest some folks...

Next I'd like to mention The Crows Song a very interesting blog about human emotion and relationships. Basinah writes about her experience in relationships with men who have been in the active duty Canadian Military and the struggles with trust, love and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). A very honest and real look at one person's life and one heck of a special lady doing the writing....

Lastly...I want to mention Ashleigh Burrows at The Burrow. This was a blog that had been around quite awhile until fate intervened and really changed it. 

Ashleighly (Not her name) was writing about her life as a retired person in Tucson, AZ, with her family and friends when she took a young neighbor girl to a local shopping mall to see her local congresswoman who was doing a meet and greet event. Her name was Gabrielle Giffords...

Yep, this was the event where a madman shot Congresswoman Giffords and killed and wounded a slew of other people. He wounded Ms. Burrows and killed her young neighbor friend Christina Green. All I am going to say here is that everyone on the planet should READ THIS BLOG. There is far too much to it for me to even try but you will be "touched" if you do...

And those are my suggestions for today...

(Photo: K. Tomson)


  1. Wow, I am humbled to be included on the list.
    And I must say, Pepe, thanks for 'introducing' me to Christine. I think I am going to quite like her.

  2. I'm welling up with tears. Honored and grateful for the mention.

    Now, I have some amazing people to get to know here. Thanks for opening up my blog-eyes.