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Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Valuable Lesson

Challenges are part of life. I don't get particularly worked up about them anymore. There is no point in expending all the emotional energy when the bottom line is things are going to happen anyway. I've learned and yes learned the "hard way.
  The last couple of months have been a huge challenge because of my health and that statement that I don't get worked up about challenges was severely tested. The difference this time really was my FAITH and friends who were there for me.
   I have been somewhat of a loner all my life and was never one to rely much on others. I had a very hard time ever asking anyone for help...with anything. This illness really forced me to open up to my friends in Christ and they were really there for me. I was stunned. Every day I would receive texts, emails, visits and calls from people just wanting to see how I was doing.
   I still will admit that I am not totally comfortable with having so many people care about's not something I am used to. But on the other hand...i am going to get used to it because it's very cool to be loved and cared for in such a way.
   All these so-called Christian hypocrites who hated everyone who was different and judged people have embraced me like a brother. I'm just stunned and so grateful. They have shown me how to be a good person...not Christian...a good person overall. They taught me a lesson about how to live my life carring about other people because it's the right thing to do. And what can I say? I love my friends for that...I really do!

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