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Saturday, February 25, 2012

New World Connections and Modern Friendships

I have been doing some thinking about blogging since I posted on the fact that I tend to read a lot of blogs written by women (see here) and (here). I've gotten a fair amount of feedback all of it really interesting and positive. Several of those woman have discovered each others blogs and I am happy that i could provide that bridge...they are very good writers and deserve all the readership they can get.

But what I've really been thinking about related to blogging and i really am just now starting to hash it out is that it (blogging) is one thing of several that is creating and nurturing a new kind of relationship in our society and our world. Yes it's an "online" relationship and they have been around but I have to admit something that once I really thought about it I was astounded.

I now have several people that I would truly call a friend, who I have NEVER met, never WILL meet, won't ever speak to them on the, my only connection will be through the portal of blogging. Granted it is a "new" kind of friendship but there is trust, intimacy, communication....we're friends. I feel completely connected.

Now I didn't always trust internet relationships and of course I'm wary about MUST be. And I'm not trying to make these relationships into something they are but the fact is there are people whose blogs I read and they read mine that I would really miss hearing from them. In most of these situations we have used regular email to communicate as well but in all honesty, it hasn't really been that necessary. There are certain things that shouldn't be communicated openly on the NET and privacy is required.

I think Western Society and really the entire world is still just realizing the potential of these connections. And as I said, after some initial wariness and time spent working through familiarizing myself with"blog etiquette and getting comfortable with it, I really enjoy these exchanges. 

Perhaps I am a little different because of my disability and the fact it keeps me a bit closer to home...I am no longer out in the working world and I do miss the interaction with people (though I certainly don't miss the political BS of the business world!) and this connection and form of relationship building fits nicely in my lifestyle. I spent large parts of my day writing or connected to the web whether I am home or out. This "connectedness" is not the "exception" anymore in our, it's common and getting more so every single day.

I'm curious what others think about this subject. is something I really just now (and I mean NOW, like 2 hours ago while writing a fellow blogger a comment!) started to think about this being connected and the new relationships that are formed. I imagine I may have more on it at some later time but hey, let's hear what you think about it!

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